Al Fakher Golden and Arena

Main difference between the Al Fakher series

The main difference between Al Fakher Golden and Al Fakher tobacco is a smaller cut and less “garbage” inside.

The Al Fakher Arena line include unusual mixes with a rich taste, in the original iron pot of 250g.

So let’s talk about the tastes.

Al Fakher Golden

Al Fakher Gold Bahrain Apple

Anise apple, better than classic, but also for an amateur.


Al Fakher Gold Green Apple

Excellent apple, has a pleasant taste and smell. The taste of a really green apple with sourness.


Al Fakher Gold Grape

Good grapes, looks like a classic.


Al Fakher Gold Rose

On an amateur, with a taste of soap.


Al Fakher Gold Strawberry

Slightly sugary taste, there are no special differences from the classical line.


Al Fakher Gold Two apples

Nothing special.

Al Fakher Arena

Al Fakher Arena Power

Chemical taste, is not advised.


Al Fakher Arena Speed

Sour taste, not bad.


Al Fakher Arena Hot ice

Sweet pineapple.


Al Fakher Arena Black Jack

Smack of cherries, for an amateur.



Al Fakher Arena Sweet drops

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