Al Fakher Tobacco

What is Al Fakher

Tobacco for shisha Al Fakher is the most famous brand in the world among tobacco producers. Having won the palm of the championship at Nakhla, Al Fakher won the love of many hookah lovers at the expense of the palette of tastes.

In this article, we will review all the flavors of Al Fakher tobacco. Arena, Gold, Cream Series, Special Series and even non-tobacco mixes you can see at the next post.

All tastes of Al Fakher

Al Fakher Apricot

The sweet and sugary taste of the apricot is rather sweet, it gives a little shampoo taste, but it goes well in mixes with other flavors.

Interesting mixes:

80% apricot + 15% vanilla + 5% mint.


Al Fakher Pineapple

A good taste of pineapple leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Good for mixes.

Interesting mixes:
Melon + cherry + pineapple
Peach 30% + Grapes 30% + Pineapple 40%


Al Fakher Orange

Quite sugary and sharp taste of orange, not bad in mixes, it’s hard to smoke for a long time.

Interesting mixes:

Cherry + melon + orange
Orange + Mint + Banana
Orange + plum + vanilla


Al Fakher Watermelon

Very popular taste of tobacco, has an interesting flavor.

Interesting mixes:
50% watermelon + 30% melon + 20% mint
Watermelon + kiwi + mint
Mango + Watermelon


Al Fakher Banana

Weak taste of banana, good in mixes for adding a sweetish taste.

Interesting mixes:

Banana coconut melon
Kiwi + Banana
Vanilla 40% + Melon 30% + Banana 30%


Al Fakher Vanilla

An interesting mild vanilla taste, an excellent addition for various mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Vanilla + strawberry
Vanilla cola lemon
Vanilla – Melon – Banana (40,30,30)


Al Fakher Grape

The classic “Grape” is perhaps the most popular of all the flavors of Al Fakher. It has a bright and rich taste, good as pure, and in mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Grapes + Lemon + Mint
Grapes + guava + mint
Orange + peach + grapes


Al Fakher Grape with Mint

Ready interesting mix, is not particularly different from grapes with the addition of conventional mint flavors.

Interesting mixes:

With lemon
With guava


Al Fakher Cherry

Rather unsuccessful taste.

Interesting mixes:

With mint
Rose + cherry + mint (25% + 70% + 5%)
40% cherry, 30% watermelon, 15% mint and grapes


Al Fakher Grenadine

An interesting taste of grenadine, pure is heavy for smoking, but in mixes it is very well revealed, especially popular on fruits.

Interesting mixes:
Grenadine 70, Cherry 25, Rose 5.
Grapes + grenadine + mint
Forest berries + pomegranate + lemon


Al Fakher Pear

Rare interesting taste.

Interesting mixes:

Grapes + lemon + pear


Al Fakher Guava

An interesting taste of giava fruit, rich and bright.

Interesting mixes:

Lemon and orange
Coconut, guava, mint
With mint chewing gum


Al Fakher Double Apple

Classic taste. It gives anise, many do not tolerate even the smell.

Interesting mixes:

Two. Apple + Cherry (50 : 50)
Double apple + Cola
Double apple + vanilla + cinnamon


Al Fakher Melon

The classic taste of melon.

Interesting mixes:

Melon + Strawberry
Melon + Peach (50 : 50)
2 Melon + 1 Spearmint


Al Fakher Jasmine

It is reminiscent of jasmine tea, it is good in different mixes.

Interesting mixes:

2 Jasmine + 1 Vanilla
Peach + jasmine + mint
Grapes + jasmine + lemon / mint


Al Fakher Cappuccino

Very strong and sharp taste of coffee, after smoking it is necessary to wash a hookah from smells.

Interesting mixes:

Cappuccino + vanilla + cinnamon
Chocolate + Cappuccino + Strawberry
Apple + Cola + Cappuccino


Al Fakher Cardamom

A rare taste for spice lovers, good for mixes in a small proportion.

Interesting mixes:

With jasmine and lemon
Cola + cardamom + a little mint
Double apple + cardamom


Al Fakher Kiwi

Popular tobacco with a light taste of kiwi, pure heavy, good in mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Kiwi-watermelon mint or kiwi-lemon-mint
Kiwi 50% + grapes 40% + mint 10%
Kiwi + Guava + chewing gum mint


Al Fakher Strawberries

Popular taste, quite sweet. Excellent smokes in milk. Looks like jam to taste.

Interesting mixes:

Strawberry – Mango – Guava (40-40-20)
Kiwi + strawberry + mint


Al Fakher Coconut

Good sweet taste of coconut, good in simple mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Coconut + vanilla
Coconut + Cola + Jasmine
Coconut + Pineapple


Al Fakher Cola

The average quality of the cola taste.

Interesting mixes:

Cola + Lemon + Mint


Al Fakher Cinnamon

An interesting spicy flavor of cinnamon, even a pinch of this tobacco will help make your mix more interesting.

Interesting mixes:

Apple + cinnamon + mint
Double apple + vanilla + cinnamon


Al Fakher Cocktail

Cocktail or Multifruit – a mix of different tastes, not all of them are distinguishable.

Interesting mixes:

Multifruit + Strawberry (50 to 50)
Kiwi + multifruit + mint 2: 2: 1
Multifruit + gum


Al Fakher Coffee Latte

Taste for an amateur, much like the taste of a cookie. Not the best taste of coffee with milk.

Interesting mixes:

Plum, vanilla, latte (55/25/20)


Al Fakher Smoking Pipe

Interesting taste, similar to chocolate. It is worth a try at least once.

Interesting mixes:

Pipe 70 + cherry 30


Al Fakher Licorice

The taste is for an amateur, it has a powerful aftertaste. Not many people like it.

Interesting mixes:

Chocolate + coconut + licorice + vanilla
Grapes + pomegranate + licorice 2 + 2 + 1


Al Fakher Wild Berries

Interesting tobacco with a slightly sour aftertaste. Many people like both pure and in mixes.

Interesting mixes:

With watermelon 50/50
Peach + coconut + wild berries
Wild berries + pomegranate + lemon


Al Fakher Lemon

Excellent citrus aroma, one of the best. Good with mint.

Interesting mixes:

Lemon + Orange + Mint
Lemon + plum + mint


Al Fakher Lemon and Mint

Ready branded mix from the manufacturer, a little bit tart, but in the mixes is good.

Interesting mixes: With fruits


Al Fakher Mango

An interesting and unusual taste of mango, good in mixes.

Interesting mixes:



Al Fakher Honey

Taste for an amateur, good for mixes especially.

Interesting mixes:
Coffee + Honey + Vanilla


Al Fakher Mint

One of the most popular tobaccos of Al Fakher, gives freshness to any mix. We advise.

Interesting mixes:
Melon + Mint
Grapes + mint
Watermelon + Melon + Grapes + Mint


Al Fakher Peach

Pleasant mellow peach taste, not bad in mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Melon + Peach (50 : 50)
Peach 40% + orange 30% + mango 20% + mint 10%


Al Fakher Rose

Taste and smell like soap.

Interesting mixes:

Mint + rose + lemon


Al Fakher Cigar

It has an unusual and not very pleasant smell, we do not recommend it, only for a sample.


Al Fakher Plum

The sour taste of plum and dried fruit, good for mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Pineapple-Plum-Orange (40-40-20)
Plum 60% + wild berries 25% + mint 15%


Al Fakher Chocolate

The taste of chocolate for an amateur, goes well in mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Chocolate + vanilla 65 \ 35
Chocolate + mint
Kiwi chocolate cola orange


Al Fakher Apple

The standard not very bright apple taste. Has a mild flavor, does not have a taste of anise and liquorice.

Interesting mixes:

Apple + Orange
Apple + Cola + Cappuccino


Al Fakher Bubble Gum

An interesting sweet taste of chewing gum.


Al Fakher Chewing Gum

Good, fresh taste. It is good both in pure form, and in mixes.

Interesting mixes:

Cherry + Chewing Gum + Kiwi
Gum + grapes



Al Fakher Chewing Gum with Cinnamon


Al Fakher Chewing Gum with mastic

An incomprehensible taste, rare.


Al Fakher Fresh Mist

Substitute for popular tobacco Starbuzz Blue Mist. Less chimious and slightly softer. In general, not bad, but for an amateur.

Interesting mixes:

Fresh Mist + Apple + Cinnamon + Grapes


Al Fakher Soft Black

Soft black tobacco (without flavors). It tastes like prunes, rather weak for black tobacco.


Al Fakher Energetic

For lovers of redbull. Do not advise. Even in mixes

Interesting mixes:

Red bull – wild berries – mint 40-40-20


Al Fakher Grapes with berries

A good taste.


Al Fakher Grapefruit

Interesting taste, we advise

Interesting mixes:

Pineapple + Grapefruit + Cappuccino


Al Fakher Grapefruit with mint

Interesting taste, we advise


Al Fakher Orange with Mint

Taste of peel with mint


Al Fakher Watermelon with Mint

Good mix


Al Fakher Cherries with Mint

Not the best taste.


Al Fakher Double Apple with Mint

Classic Mix


Al Fakher Plum with Mint

Good taste.


Al Fakher Citrus with Mint

A good citrus-mint flavor


Al Fakher Chocolate with Mint


Al Fakher Blueberries

One of the best tastes of this tobacco


Al Fakher Blueberry with mint


Al Fakher Mojito

Sour taste, similar to lemon and mint

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