Charcoal for hookah – how to choose and not to be mistaken?

Quality coal is the one of the most important elements of hookah. Without properly selected coal, you can hardly fully enjoy the aroma of hookah smoke.

Coal for hookah is divided into two main groups – natural and chemical (self-igniting). Natural coals can be divided into coconut and other charcoal. Natural coals are fired longer, but they also keep the heat longer, which makes them more preferable for frequent use.

Coconut charcoal for shisha

The best coal for a hookah according to the majority – coconut coal (made from a coconut shell). This coal is kindled for a long time (with the help of an external heat source), but also for a long time keeps the heat. The replacement of coconut coal on a hookah will be required not earlier than in half an hour of smoking. Another plus of these coals is that they do not affect the taste of tobacco and do not emit harmful substances. Coals must be heated to full red, about 15 minutes on average.


In addition to coal from coconut shell, on sale it is possible to find coals from olive seeds, lemon tree and other trees and shrubs.
In the East, lemon wood is often used – it does not smell and provides an excellent temperature for tobacco. However, these coals need to be changed frequently and pre-ground, which complicates the process a little.

Quicklight Charcoal

The main advantage – the ability to quickly get the result. The process of incineration takes about a minute, which is several times faster than using natural coals.

Among the main disadvantages – the smell of firing and further smoking, the possibility of strong sparks during ignition, as well as a short period of maintenance of heat.

Similar coals are usually made from one of two chemicals – nitrate or dry alcohol. Avoid in every way nitrate coals, they have the strongest and most unpleasant smell. Coals from dry alcohol are slightly better, but still far from natural.

Remember that before use, quicklight charcoal should completely burn out, there should not be any black elements. If it is not so, then it’s better to let him lie down for a minute. Kindle these coals better in a ventilated room such as a balcony or veranda.

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