DeCloud fruit mix

From what DeCloud is made ?

Fruit mix for hookah DeCloud – a non-stubborn mixture for hookah, made on the basis of natural fruits. The product does not contain tobacco, nicotine and resins. Fruit soaked in glycerin and flavorings. When smoking DeCloud, the fruits that make up its composition, under the influence of temperature, are actually cooked and emit steam.

The product is manufactured by a well-known manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and liquids for them, by Dekang.

DeCloud first appeared in 2008, but the manufacturer had problems with extending the shelf life of the product, which was resolved in 2013, before the product was restarted to the global market.

There are no special difficulties with the preparation of hookah with DeCloud, the main thing is that it does not touch the foil, because when the fruit is heated they increases a little. Tastes are similar to natural, but the taste of flavors is felt.

Available tastes

  • DeCloud Banana
  • DeCloud Green Apple
  • DeCloud Lemon
  • DeCloud Melon
  • DeCloud Mint
  • DeCloud Multifruits
  • DeCloud Pineapple
  • DeCloud Raspberry
  • DeCloud Red Apple
  • DeCloud Strawberry
  • DeCloud Two Apples
  • DeCloud Watermelon


  • Store in a cool dry dark place.
  • Do not use for food.
  • Keep out from children.

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