Good Hookah in Ukraine – Jobs Cafe

I will not hide – I liked everything

Localization – Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya.

Inside the restaurant is very nice, warm colors and friendly staff pleased me.

When you make an order, instead of menus, them brings an iPad; using the application you order everything you want.

About a hookah

From the tobacco at that time were Fumari and Serbetli. I ordered Serbetli and it costs me for about $6 :). The hookah – Amy, the bowl was rubber. Hookah smoked well, they often approached me, changed coal and asked if everything was okay. I smoked it for about 50 minutes and everything was ok for all the time.

We ordered pizza, 2 beers and the hookah. We paid about $14.

You can find the restaurant here – map.

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