How to choose a good hookah?

General information

First of all, when choosing a hookah, it is necessary to understand for what purpose it is needed. If you are looking for a beautiful interior element, and smoking qualities are not important to you, then most of this article will not be particularly useful. Next you will learn how to buy a good hookah, which will serve you long and will please you and your friends.

Just note we will not consider small hookahs with a height up to 30 centimeters, except for an inexpensive, low-quality gift, it will not suit you for anything else.

Hookah shaft

Shaft is the main part of the hookah, a lot depends on its choice. Height is very important (it is better to take more than 50 cm), the material of which it is made (the quality of metal, best of all, stainless metals) and only in the last place its design. We would advise you to take an indiscriminate shaft from a height of 60-70 cm, which will be easy to wash and it will last forever, with proper care, unlike cheap Chinese hookahs.

When buying, do not forget to check the presence of the tray from the hookah, without the tray, your hookah will not be so convenient to use. Some hookahs are equipped with a special diffuser, which makes the hookah sound quieter, its presence is not necessary.

We do not recommend taking a hookah with two or more hoses, more often these are bad hookahs without the possibility of simultaneous smoking by several people.


Most often, glass bases are used in hookahs, so be careful when choosing it. It is worth paying attention to the thickness of its walls, the absence of defects and cracks. We do not recommend buying expensive bases from Bohemian glass or crystal, as the bases is an expendable material, which sometimes breaks down.

It is important that the shaft tightly fit into the base with a sealant and its lower part does not rest against the bottom of the base, and there was enough space for water in it. The top part should be inserted with some effort, do not slip and do not hang out.

The compounds of the shaft and the base

When choosing a hookah, you can face two types of connections of the shaft and the base – threaded and on the seals. There are not special differences in the quality of smoking, but still we advise you to take one without thread, because in case of its destruction, it will be very difficult for you to pick up a new shaft or base.


Hose – another no less important hookah accessory. The main characteristics of hoses – length, material, thickness, the possibility of wet cleaning (washing).

Initially, the hoses were made of leather and so far such hoses are considered a sign of high quality. However, for frequent use, we would recommend buying an ordinary Ager hose, preferably without cooling capsules. The difference of hoses by Ager from the hoses of their main competitor – Mya in the possibility of washing them under the tap of water without fear of rust.


There are a lot of varieties of bowls for hookahs, but still there is nothing better than a classic deep clay bowl. We do not recommend taking ceramic bowls, they worse transmit heat and it’s more difficult to make a good hookah using them.

Air Purge Valve

When choosing a hookah, pay attention to the presence of valve. To ensure its functionality, you can carefully unscrew it and check for the presence of an iron ball inside. It should fit tightly into the valve seat and calmly depart from there when blowing. To check in the store, take a hookah without liquid and plug it on top, then blow it into the hose port. In this case, the valve should open and release air.

Hermeticity of hookah

There should be no problems with the soldering of metal parts, the main tube should be flat, all the rubber bands should be selected so that the air does not leave the base.


Let’s formulate the basic rules for choosing a good hookah:

  • Hookah should be fully sealed
  • The shaft should be non-separable and made of stainless material
  • The hose should be washable
  • The bowl should be clay outside
  • The glass base is better

Personally, I would take an Egyptian hookah, for example, Khalil Mamoon Double Kamanja. This hookah has excellent smoking properties and has an interesting appearance.