The strongest hookah tobacco

What should I do if I’m tired of light tobacco? Familiar Nakhla no longer giddy? Do you want to try really “strong” tobacco? 4 the strongest brands only for experienced smokers!

Which moassel is stronger?

Calculating the concentration of nicotine is not easy. Today no one can do this with absolute precision. Al Fakher mark 0.05%, and the old Nakhla – 0.5%. Accordingly, the second one will be stronger.

The strongest directly depends on the percentage of nicotine, which will be different for each grade of tobacco.

Tobacco manufacturers for hookah use one or more types of tobacco. The most popular varieties of tobacco are Virginia, Latakia, Oriental, Burley, Kentucky. The percentage varies in each of them, depending on the conditions of growth.

The country where the leaf was grown plays an important role in the composition of the final product. If you buy Burley seeds and plant them in Russia, no matter how hard you try, eventually you will not get real Tangiers :).

Top strong hookah tobaccos

4.Total Flame

Cigar tobacco. Raw material – premium leaf from Africa, the Dominican Republic and France. Leaves a pleasant honest taste without chemical impurities. Connoisseurs of Cuban cigars will certainly appreciate it.

3.Starbuzz Vintage

The antipode to the chemical Starbazz, which girls love so much. Vintage – male tobacco, with a persistent aftertaste, bright fragrance of the leaf. Aroma is familiar to the manufacturer. Saturated fruit and floral scents can deceive, because under them lies a real strong taste.


Necessarily hidden in all hookahs in case of arrival of a visitor of the type “strong”. But Tangiers happens different, the most strong one – Burley in a violet packing. Produces a strong relaxing effect. No need to smoke, if there are still many plans ahead.


Russian version of “Tangiers”. The Medium ruler for smokers with experience, beginners can become bad. The manufacturer claims super-strong line Rare, which is available in just one version of “Raw”.

Experiment with the liquid in the base, create mixes and share your recipes!

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