What about Tangiers ?

What is Tangiers ?

Tangiers – American strong tobacco, famous for its interesting saturated tastes.

Tobacco is available in packs of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 grams. The most popular packaging is 250 grams, which accounts for almost the entire turnover of packs.

There are several lines of tobacco Tangiers:

Noir – the classic strong ruler (yellow packing).
Burley – strong line (purple packing).
Birquq is the average line in the strongness (green packing).
F-Line Caffeinated – a strong line, with caffeine. It is not produced at the moment.
Lucid – lighter washed tobacco, with a small amount of nicotine. It is not produced at the moment.

There is also a limited Special Edition line, produced in the following cases (orange and purple packs):

  1. The taste, which is not in the line (for example, Ololo in Noir)
  2. Seasonal tastes (Lemon Tea)
  3. Exclusive blends (there were only 3 such of tastes – Cane Mint Blends, Dark Cherry, Extreme Cain)

Tangiers characteristics

From the characteristics of this tobacco, we can distinguish the need for acclimatization for the lines F-Line and Noir. It is necessary to lay the tobacco on the foil with a thin layer and leave for 4 hours, and then put it in a closed container for another 20 hours. Only after this, in most cases tobacco will acquire the necessary flavor and aroma. The remaining lines do not need to be acclimated, they are immediately ready for use.

There are several features of making tobacco Tangiers – it is better to stack it not airily, but tightly. This tobacco is difficult to overheat, the cup is better to warm 5 minutes before smoking.

Overview of flavors of Tangiers Noir line by numbers:

01 – Apricot – a weak taste of apricot.

02 – Apple (Apple) – remotely resembles an apple, anise is not felt.

03 – Strawberry – a weak taste, but there is a slight aftertaste.

04 – Mixed Fruit – a mix of fruits.

05 – Lemon Blossom (Lemon with floral aroma) – good taste, lemon is quite pronounced.

06 – Pineapple (Pineapple) – the taste of natural pineapple juice.

07 – Mango (mango) – the taste of mango.

08 – Coconut (Coconut) – a good coconut.

09 – Melon Blend (Mixture of cantaloupe melon and honey melon) – insanely sweet melon taste. Great one.

10 – Orange Soda – the taste corresponds to the name. The taste is good, but not for every day.

11 – Kashmir Cherry (Cherry) – an excellent taste of cherries with an admixture of kashmir.

12 – Blue Flower (floral taste) – there are notes of a rose, it is difficult to make out, but in general, lovers of floral scents should like it.

13 – White Grape – a natural taste of white grapes.

14 – Bacon (bacon) – a very unusual taste of fried bacon. It is worth a try, if you find it.

15 – Green Apple Candy – if someone from childhood remembers the taste of apple chupa-chups – this is it, a little aniseed.

16 – Pink Grapefruit (Sweet grapefruit) – good taste, but a little bit of sourness is needed.

17 – Raspberry Iced Tea (raspberry tea) – not the brightest taste of raspberry tea.

18 – Regal Flower – this is an ordinary apple variety, they say that it looks like an “apple pie”. This taste has a slight taste of spices, in addition to the flavor of apple pie.

19 – Watermelon (Watermelon) – nothing supernatural, just a very good natural watermelon.

20 – Juicy Peach (Peach) – the taste of a ripe, juicy peach. To everyone who loves a peach – to try necessarily!

21 – Blueberry (Bilberry) – a rare taste, for an amateur.

22 – Green Tea Composition (Green Tea) – not produced.

23 – Kashmir Apple – the taste of Kashmir itself is more felt than the taste of the apple. The taste resembles a baked apple.

24 – Mint – a good mint, reminds something of Nakhla Mizo Mint. .

25 – Liquorice (Liquorice) – aniseed taste of licorice, for an amateur.

26 – Double Orange (Double Orange)

27 – Cocoa (Cocoa) – one of the few flavors, in which the taste and aroma, is much better than the smell from the package.

28 – Cool Strawberry (Strawberry candy) – a natural, sweet strawberry! Much better than just Strawberry.

29 – Prince of Gray (Earl Gray) – the taste of bergamot, but not the replacement of Earl

29 – Cooling – not available.

30 – Blackthorn – opening a pack, except for the smell of tobacco with prunes notes you will not feel anything, but when you smoke, it will feel like you just ate a plum pie.

31 – Chocolate Cherry (Chocolate with Cherry) – not available.

31 – Butterscotch (Sweets) – is no longer produced.

31 – Sour Watermelon (Sour Watermelon) – a good watermelon.

32 – Sour Grape (Grape) is as delicious as White Grape, but slightly heavier (not harder, but heavier). The taste is natural and does not bother.

33 – Cactus Fruit (Cactus pear) – for those who have never tasted a cactus pear or did not drink frustyle, this taste will be a novelty. Fresh, summer taste. We advise.

34 – Its Like That one Breakfast Cereal – if you ever ate colorful (which is very important) and fruits flakes for breakfast, then this is exactly it! The taste is unusual, but not for every day, you will have to diversify your diet. The citrus flavor, with a strong aroma of lemon and lime, as well as orange, diluted with milky notes.

35 – Green Tea – the taste of tea.

36 – Red Grape – the taste of grapes.

37 – Absinthe (Absinthe) – aniseed flavor of absinthe.

38 – Kashmir Peach – here the situation is the same, the peach is very weakly expressed.

39 – New Lime (Lime candy) – fresh, bright taste. Very similar to chewing gum “Orbit Lime”.

40 – Cinnamon (Cinnamon) – the taste of cinnamon.

40 – Kashmir Blue – Kashmir + Apple + Flowers wallpaper

41 – Guanabana (Tropical Fruits) – it smells of coconut from the pack, but when smoked it is barely noticeable. Feels like pineapple, banana. A sort of Pina Colada with less pronounced coconut. Summer taste.

42 – Dark Plum – a rather mild taste, but it is not very well expressed.

43 – Jackfruit (Banana, bubble-gum, tropical fruits) – the banana is the most expressed of the three components. Not just a banana, or, more accurately, a cream banana. The taste is excellent. Just like Guanabana.

44 – Marigold (Floral taste) – delicate floral taste with sourishness. Flora lovers should like.

45 – Yunnan Shaddok – Grapefruit \ Pamello + Flowers

46 – Lemon Tea (Lemon Tea) – a good taste.

47 – Pear-Watermelon – pear and watermelon.

48 – Tropical Punch (tropical punch) – tropical fruits. It is almost impossible to understand which ones, but you understand that their combination clearly gave a very worthy taste. For me, this is the best “Punch” from the Tangiers.

49 – Vanilla (Vanilla) – good, such a good vanilla. Strong, clear taste.

50 – Pomegranate – pomegranate notes are felt, but more of a strange aftertaste, which is not so easy to describe.

51 – Pear – great interesting taste

52 – Peach Cobbler (Peach Cobler) – the taste of a pie cake.

53 – Classic Raspberry (Classical Raspberry)

54 – Green Apple Tea (Green Apple Tea)

55 – Mime (Mint + Lime) – sour good taste, mint with lemon

56 – Peach (AKA Tasty Peach) – worthy peach

57 – Sevilla Orange (orange) – the taste for an amateur. The first bitter taste I tried. It should be so, because the Sevilla variety is bitter and slightly sweetened.

58 – Welsh Cream (Toffee with cream) – Excellent creamy taste of Beiliss. To the best of sweetness. Many seems sugary.

59 – Blackberry (Blackberry) – a rather sugary taste, Fumari coped with this taste much better.

60 – Kashmir Plum – a good taste.

61 – Mixed Fruit # 5: Indian Summer (cherry, lemon, floral shade) is a multi-fruit with bright floral notes + something that is barely perceptible, citrus.

62 – Strawberry-Kiwi (Strawberry and Kiwi) – if I’m not mistaken, then to Tangiers, except for Starbuzz, no one made the taste of strawberry-kiwi. Now you can say with a hundred percent certainty that NOBODY produced this taste except Tangiers. Very cool taste, aroma, smell. I want to eat simply.

63 – Pumpkin – Not very similar to a pumpkin, but still a good taste.

64 – Jamaica – the aroma of dried fruits with a slight sourness

65 – Blue gum ball – Blue Gum Ball is a blueberry variety with a taste of tart sweets.

66 – Ginger Beer

67 – Koke – it smells just awful! But the taste is very good.

68 – Guajava – a juicy taste of guava, we advise both clean, and in mixes.

69 – Passionfruit (Passionfruit) – good passion fruit with notes of a pear.

70 – Kashmir Guajava – an excellent Kashmir taste. The combination of spices and guava gives a unique flavor. Who wants to get acquainted with the tastes of Kashmir, I advise you to start with it.

71 – Red Tea (red tea) – the taste is not bright, after 40 minutes it’s gone. I do not advise.

72 – Kashmir (Kashmir) – a bright taste of spices, suitable for mixes.

73 – Old-School Watermelon

74 – New Lemon-Lime (Lemon and Lime) – obviously very similar to New Lime with the addition of lemon. The taste is natural and very fresh.

75 – Uber Mint – not produced.

76 – Apricot Spring Blend (Spring apricot blend) – a rather interesting mix of sweet apricot with a touch of lemon and strong participation of roses

77 – Mixed Fruit # 3: Tropical Revenge! (Tropical Fruit) – something looks like a Tropical Punch. Excellent, bright taste. From the MF series he can be given the courage to give second place after # 5.

78 – Horchata (Drink Orchata) – an amazing taste, unlike anything. Definitely worth a try.

79 – Clove (Carnation) – a strange taste. Clearly for an amateur.

80 – Mixed Fruit # 4: Summer Solstice (Guava and watermelon) – The taste of watermelon and guava. Someone thought that there is a banana. A good non-trivial fruit mix.

81 – Sour

82 – Brambleberry, Boysenberry (Raspberry and blackberries) – good berry taste, there were minor problems with acclimatization.

83 – Undesignated

84 – Schnozzberry – Not bad berry mix

85 – Spearmint (Mint) – open the pack and…BOOM! I did not want to, even honestly, even to smoke. The smell is thermonuclear. But the taste is good.

86 – Bubble Gum

86 – Sour Pineapple (Sour Pineapple)

87 – Kiwi (Kiwi) – was a pronounced floral fragrance, but the kiwi is also clearly felt.

88 – New Raspberry (Raspberry # 5)

89 – Nectarine (Nectarine) – Juicy nectarine.

90 – Peach Iced Tea (Peach tea) – one of the best tastes of Tangiers. Not sugary, not chymose, very smoky, delicious peach tea.

91 – Lemon is a good lemon.

92 – Mimon (Mint-Lemon) – lemon and mint. Great interesting taste.

93 – Bug Powder – the taste of kashmir and mint.

94 – Maraschino Cherry (Cocktail Cherry) – flower-cherry flavor. Not bad, but for an amateur.

95 – Grapefruit (grapefruit) – not the brightest grapefruit.

96 – Cane Mint (Reed Mint) is an excellent bright mint, the most famous taste of Tangiers. We advise you to try.

97 – Chocolate Mint (Chocolate and Mint) – good taste, but for an amateur.

98 – Indigo Flower (Flower Indigo) – Flower tea and pomegranate.

99 – Static Starlight (Static Starlight) – an interesting mix of roses and fruits.

100 – Its Like That Other Breakfast Cereal (Flakes for breakfast) – has cherry notes with echoes of tropical fruits.

101 – Picnic Punch (picnic punch) – a citrus-fruit mix of watermelon lime.

102 – Little Purple Candy (violet sweet) – grape-floral taste.

103 – Foreplay on the Peach (Peach Prelude) – a sweet peach with notes of melon.

104 – Pinepas (Anakuya) – pineapple and passion fruit.

105 – Now With Melon (Now with Melon) – a juicy taste of melon. We advise.

106 – Hacitragus (Hasitrigus) – citrus mix (grapefruit, orange, lime).

107 – Last Pie – mix of berries, very similar to berry pie.

108 – Rangoon Sunrise (Rangoon Dawn) – a good blend of different sweet aromas.

109 – SourSop (Annona needle) is a tropical fruit. It is not produced.

110 – White Summer Mixed Fruit – mix of fresh watermelon and melon from the front; And non-acid guava with other indeterminate berries behind. Refreshing summer mix.

111 – Ololiuqui (Ololiki, Ololo) – to taste like a mix of cola and lime, similar to the Skittles.

112 – Aussie Juice (Australian nectar) – a combination of sweet strawberries and sour kiwi.

113 – Experimint (Experimint) – as Orbit sweet mint, an excellent soft mint flavor, for those who are tired of Cane Mint.

114 – Mandarin Orange (Mandarin and Orange) – a citrus mix.

115 – Forbidden Fruit – an interesting apple taste.

116 – Pikina Sun – tropical sweet fruit taste. Has notes of pineapple and coconut.

117 – Dark Cherry (dark cherry) – the taste of dark doctor pepper, strongly felt cherry. Interesting taste, but for an amateur.

Some of the flavors have not been released for a long time, some are present in various lines. Tobacco production Tangiers and its tastes are not very simple to understand, but this list gives an initial knowledge of tastes.

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